Brushed Gear Reduction Motor

Chaoya as the professional manufacturer, we would like to provide you high quality Brushed Gear Reduction Motor. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.
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  • Chaoya is a Chinese factory specializing in the production of gear motors.Our 37mm Spur Gearbox Brushed Motor For Feeder are ideal for agricultural and livestock systems.Our 37mm Spur Gearbox Brushed Motor For Feeder features a 370 brushed DC motor.Our 37mm Spur Gearbox Brushed Motor For Feeder are designed and manufactured to provide the necessary power and torque required by your feeding system.The motor can run at low speed, and can be equipped with an optional encoder to accurately control material timing and quantity.The smart feeder uses a brushed gear motor and has a super -long lifetime (more than 2,000 hours of working time)

  • Introducing the 37mm Brushed DC Gear Motor for Massager,an excellent product manufactured by Chaoya Factory in China,a leading manufacturer of BLDC Motors,Gear Motors,Hub Motors,etc.The 37mm Brushed DC Gear Motors For Massager is its 37mm diameter gearbox that matches the RC555 brushed motor.The compact and practical design of the motor makes it ideal for use in massagers.Thank you very much for choosing Chaoya Factory for your motor needs.We believe that our 37mm Brushed DC Gear Motors For Massager will exceed your expectations and help you achieve your goals.

  • Chaoya is one of the famous China BLDC manufacturers and suppliers, Our factory specializes in manufacturing of 36mm Brushed DC Gear Motors For Lawn Mower.Welcome to wholesale or customized 36mm Brushed DC Gear Motors For Lawn Mower from our factory at any time.36mm Brushed DC Gear Motors For Lawn Mower uses a planetary reduction gearbox with a diameter of 36mm and works perfectly with a brush motor RC555 to provide reliable power output and precise speed control,and is widely used in lawn mowers and other fields.

  • Chaoya Factory,a leading manufacturer of motors in China, has released a new product - a 24V DC brushed wiper motor with a spur gear box.This combination is ideal for increasing torque while decreasing speed,and makes the motor suitable for a variety of applications such as door switches, tailgate switches and wipers.24V DC Brushed Wiper Motor with Spur Gear Box is made using brush motor technology, which not only delivers excellent performance but is also incredibly cost-friendly

  • As the professional manufacture,chaoya factory in china would like to recommend you 25mm High Torque Brushed DC Gear Motors.And chaoya will offer you the best products and services but with low price.25mm High Torque Brushed DC Gear Motors.The motor has a diameter of 29mm,a length of 43mm,and is equipped with a 25mm diameter planetary gear reduction box,making it very suitable for the application needs of automotive parts and some automation equipment. 25mm High Torque Brushed DC Gear Motors uses high-quality materials and precision manufacturing processes to ensure the product's high durability and stability, and can operate stably for a long time.

  • Chaoya is a China factory with many years of BLDC motor production,The 370 Bruhsed DC Motors With Gearbox For Feeding Field is a brushed DC motor with a diameter of 40mm gearbox, ideal for use on farms and Feeding systems in livestock farming. The 370 brushed DC motors with gearbox for feeding field is designed and built to provide the necessary power and torque for the feeding system,the motor can operate at low speeds, making it ideal for moving feeders and dispensers. The gearbox is designed to reduce motor speed and increase torque to move heavy loads, helping to make feeding systems more efficient and cost-effective.

Chaoya is a professional Brushed Gear Reduction Motor manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our high quality durable Brushed Gear Reduction Motor is not only made in China and we have low price. Welcome to our factory to wholesale products and provide quotation services.
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