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The advantages and disadvantages of BLDC motors with Hall sensors and Hall-free sensors


Advantages of brushless motors with Hall sensors:

1. The Hall sensor can detect the position of the rotor, start smoothly, and provide higher starting torque;

2. Accurately control the motor speed and steering through feedback signals to achieve high-precision positioning and position control.


1. Due to the need for additional Hall sensors and corresponding circuits, the cost is higher than without Hall;

2. The Hall sensor needs to be installed and debugged, and the motor design and structure are more complicated than without Hall.

Advantages of brushless motors without Hall:

1. Wide speed range: The brushless motor without Hall has a relatively wide speed range and is suitable for high-speed operation applications.

2. Smaller vibration and noise: Due to the design of the Hall-free sensor, the vibration and noise generated by the brushless motor without Hall during operation are relatively small.

3. Low cost because no Hall and corresponding circuits are needed.

4. The structure is simple, because the Hall-free structure is relatively simple and easy to manufacture and maintain.


1. The startup is not smooth,Because there is no Hall, the rotor position cannot be accurately controlled, and there may be problems of jitter and out-of-step when running at low speed.

2. Not suitable for applications with large loads or large load changes;

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