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Characteristics and speed adjustment methods of electric curtain DC motors


The electric curtain uses a micro DC motor and gear reducer structure, which has the advantages of large torque and low speed. It can drive different types of curtains according to different reduction ratios. Commonly used micro DC motors for electric curtains include carbon brush motors and brushless motors. The carbon brush DC motor has the advantages of large starting torque, smooth operation, low cost, and convenient speed adjustment, while the brushless DC motor has the advantages of long life and low noise, but the cost is higher and the control is complex. Therefore, electric curtains using carbon brush motors are more common on the market.

The following are different speed regulation methods of electric curtain micro DC motors:

Armature voltage regulation: Reduce the speed of the electric curtain DC motor by adjusting the DC power supply of the armature circuit. When the voltage decreases, the motor's speed will decrease accordingly.

Series resistance control speed regulation: The speed of the electric curtain DC motor is controlled by connecting a series resistance in the armature circuit. The larger the series resistance, the weaker the mechanical properties and the more unstable the rotation speed. At low speeds, the series resistance increases, the energy lost also increases, and the power is lower.

Field-weakening speed regulation: In order to prevent the saturation of the motor's magnetic circuit, field-weakening speed regulation is used during speed regulation, that is, keeping the armature voltage constant, reducing the series resistance, and increasing the excitation circuit resistance to reduce the excitation current and magnetic flux, thereby increasing the motor speed. , the mechanical properties become softer. During field weakening speed regulation, the load torque will decrease as the speed increases, achieving constant power speed regulation.

Adjust the resistance in the armature circuit: This is the simplest and low-cost method of speed regulation. Speed regulation is achieved by changing the resistance in the armature circuit. It is very practical for speed regulation control of electric curtains.

To sum up, the electric curtain micro DC motor can be flexibly controlled through a variety of speed adjustment methods. Choosing the appropriate speed adjustment method can improve the performance and user experience of the motor.

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