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Eight parameters you must know when selecting a brushless motor


Many customers are not very clear about what kind of motor to use and which performance parameters to pay attention to when choosing a brushless motor. We will share with you some parameter information to pay attention to when selecting a brushless motor to help you find a brushless motor that suits your needs.

1. Motor specifications:

Understand the motor size and shape to ensure that the selected motor is suitable for the specific installation scenario. When choosing a motor, you will find that the same brushless motor manufacturer has many small models represented by 4-digit numbers. The representatives of different manufacturers have different meanings, so be sure to understand them clearly.

2. No-load current:

Under the specified voltage, the operating current of the motor without load, which can help understand the energy consumption of the motor

3. Torque:

The driving torque generated by the rotor in the motor can drive the mechanical load, which is very important for applications that require torque.

4. KV value:

Indicates the motor's rotational speed per minute, usually proportional to the voltage. This helps to understand the output speed of the motor

5. Rotor structure:

Understand the rotor structure of the motor, whether it is an inner rotor or an outer rotor, so that you can choose the appropriate motor structure according to the actual application.

6. Speed

The speed of brushless motor per minute, the torque and speed of the motor are always in a trade-off relationship in the same motor. Basically, it can be considered that the product of torque and speed is a constant, that is, the higher the speed of the same motor, the higher the speed. , the lower the torque must be, the opposite is also true. It is impossible to require a motor to have a higher speed and higher torque.

7. Working temperature range

Brushless motors have very clear requirements for motor operating temperature in many special application industries, such as high temperature environments and low temperature scenarios.

Generally, the operating temperature range of brushless motors is between -20 and +100 degrees, and more strictly between -40 and +140 degrees, so customers who are sensitive to temperature parameters need to pay attention to this.

8. Waterproof level

Understand the protection level of the motor (usually expressed as IP plus a number) to ensure that the motor meets specific waterproof requirements. Generally speaking, if a brushless motor is not clearly stated to be a waterproof motor, it is not. Simply understand that the larger the number behind the IP, the higher the waterproof level.

These parameters are very important for brushless motor selection. Customers need to focus on these parameters in the early stage of selection. Later, they can communicate with the motor manufacturer simply and clearly, improve timeliness, and find the brushless motor that suits them as soon as possible.

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