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What are the characteristics of gear reduction motor?


Gear reduction motor is a kind of planetary drive principle that adopts gear meshing. This reduction motor has replaced two-stage and three-stage ordinary cylindrical gear reduction motors and cylindrical worm reduction motors in most cases. It has the following characteristics:

1. High driving efficiency: Using the planetary driving principle and rolling meshing, the driving efficiency is generally between 90% and 95%, which can provide efficient power transmission.

2. Compact structure, small volume and light weight: Compared with ordinary cylindrical gear reducers, the volume can be reduced by 2/1–2/3, the structure is more compact, and it is suitable for applications with limited space.

3. Long service life and fewer faults: Made of grinding bearing steel, it has excellent mechanical properties and wear resistance. Rolling friction results in fewer faults and longer service life.

4. Smooth and reliable operation: Multi-tooth meshing makes the operation more stable and reliable, and the noise is low.

5. Easy to disassemble and assemble, easy to repair: It is convenient for maintenance and repair, which improves the reliability and stability of the equipment.

6. Strong overload capacity: It has the characteristics of impact resistance and small inertia moment, and is suitable for the requirements of frequent starting and forward and reverse operation.

7. Large driving ratio. The drive ratio at the first stage of deceleration is 1/6–1/87. The drive ratio for two-stage deceleration is 1/99–1/7569; the drive ratio for three-stage drive is 1/5841–1/658503. In addition, multi-stage combinations can be used as needed to achieve a specified speed ratio.

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