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Advantages Of Hollow Cup Motors Compared To Brushless Motors:


1. Larger energy conversion efficiency (a measure of its energy-saving characteristics): its efficiency is generally above 70%, and some products can reach above 90% (15-50% for brushless motors).

2. Rapid activation and braking, extremely fast response, the mechanical time constant is less than 28 milliseconds, and some products can reach within 10 milliseconds. Under high-speed operation within the recommended operating area, the speed adjustment is sensitive.

3. Reliable operating stability, strong adaptive ability, and its own speed fluctuation can be controlled within 2%.

4. Low electromagnetic interference, using high-quality brushes and commutator structures, with small commutation sparks, which eliminates the need for additional anti-interference devices.

5. High energy density. Compared with brushless motors of the same power, its weight and volume are reduced by 1/3-1/2, and the corresponding parameters such as speed-voltage, speed-torque, and torque-current all show standard linearity relation.

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