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Structural characteristics and working characteristics of planetary gearbox


Chaoya Motor develops gear drive products such as reduction gearboxes, micro reduction motors, and planetary gearboxes. The products have passed various tests such as low temperature and noise, and the product quality is guaranteed. Let me introduce to you the structural characteristics and working characteristics of the planetary reducer:

Structural features of planetary gearbox:

The planetary gearbox mainly consists of sun gear, planet gear, internal ring gear, and planet carrier.In order to evenly distribute the load of the three planet gears, a gear floating mechanism is used, that is, the sun gear or the planet carrier floats, or both the sun gear and the planet carrier float at the same time. The gears in the reducer are spur-tooth involute cylindrical gears with the following characteristics:

1. Small size and light weight. Under the same circumstances, it is more than 1/2 lighter than ordinary involute cylindrical gear reducers and 1/2 to 1/3 smaller in volume.

2. Driving efficiency: single-stage planetary gear reducer reaches 97% to 98%; two-stage planetary gear reducer reaches 94% to 96%; three-stage planetary gear reducer reaches 91% to 94%.

3. Large driving power range: from less than 1KW to 1300KW or even larger.

4. Large driving range: i=2.8~2000

Working characteristics of planetary gearbox:

(1) The gear is made of soft-strength low-carbon alloy steel that has been carburized and quenched, and the tooth surface hardness reaches HRC54-62.

(2) Using gear grinding technology, precision and good contact.

(3) The load-bearing capacity is seven times higher than that of the tooth surface reducer.

(4) Driving efficiency, up to 98%, long service life.

Generally speaking, the new planetary gearbox developed by Chaoya Motor has obvious advantages in terms of lightweight, high efficiency, high precision, high load-bearing capacity, and high durability. This product can be widely used in intelligent drive, smart home, automobile drive and other fields. It not only meets the market's requirements for miniaturization and high efficiency, but also reflects the company's social responsibility for environmental protection, energy saving and other social responsibilities.

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