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Hollow Cup Motor Application


With the rapid development of industrial technology, higher expectations and requirements are constantly put forward for the servo characteristics of motors, making hollow cup motors irreplaceable in many applications. The outstanding features of hollow cup motors focus on the main performance of the motor, which makes it have a wide range of applications. After entering the large industry and civil fields from the military and high-tech fields, it has developed rapidly in the past ten years, especially in industry. In developed countries, most industries and many products have been involved.

1. A follow-up system that requires quick response. For example, the rapid adjustment of the flight direction of missiles, the follow-up control of high-magnification optical drives, fast automatic focusing, highly sensitive recording and detection equipment, industrial robots, bionic prosthetics, etc., hollow cup motors can well meet their technical requirements.

2. Products that require smooth and long-lasting driving of the driving components. Such as various portable instruments, personal equipment, field operation equipment, electric vehicles, etc., the same set of power supplies can more than double the power supply time.

3. Various aircraft, including aviation, aerospace, model aircraft, etc. Taking advantage of the coreless motor's advantages of light weight, small size and low energy consumption, the weight of the aircraft can be reduced to the greatest extent.

4. Various household appliances and industrial products. Using coreless motors as actuators can improve product quality and provide superior performance.

5. Taking advantage of its high energy conversion efficiency, it can also be used as a generator; taking advantage of its linear operating characteristics, it can also be used as a speed measuring generator; coupled with a reducer, it can also be used as a torque motor.

With the advancement of industrial technology, the strict technical conditions of various electromechanical equipment have placed higher and higher technical requirements on servo motors. At the same time, the application scope of hollow cup motors has completely broken away from the limitations of high-end products and is rapidly expanding in general applications. The application range is widely used in low-end products such as civilian products to widely improve product quality.

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