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Briefly Share What Is BLDC Motor


Many customers ask about the words BLDC or BLDC motor printed on the motors they use. They are not sure what they mean. Let me share with you what is a BLDC motor?

BLDC's full English name is Brushless Direct Current Motor, which means brushless DC motor. The direct understanding is that there are no brushes, and there is no need for brush steering. This eliminates the need for brushes and the structure becomes simple. This is essentially different from brush motors, which are what we usually call brushless motors. BLDC motor is mainly composed of rotor (permanent magnet material) - stator (coil winding) and Hall (sensor or no-sensor).

Over the years, the research on variable frequency speed regulation of asynchronous motors is based on the method of controlling the torque of asynchronous motors. Rare earth permanent magnet brushless DC motors must have wide speed - small size - high efficiency and steady-state speed. Small errors and other characteristics show advantages in the field of speed regulation. Since the brushless DC motor has the characteristics of a DC brush motor and a frequency conversion device, it is also called DC variable frequency, and the international common term is BLDC. So many people are also accustomed to calling it BLDC motor

The above is the sharing of BLDC motor. If you want to know more about the brushless motor structure diagram, brushless motor parameters and characteristics, you can see it in our industry articles.

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