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Why are the prices of BLDC motors so high?


In recent years, BLDC motors have been widely used in some high demanding fields due to their advantages such as long life, low noise, precise control, and high efficiency. But there is also a problem that troubles many customers who want to use BLDC motors. Why are the prices of  BLDC motors so high?

Material cost: The core components of BLDC motors include rotors, stators, magnets, etc. These components are usually made of high-performance magnetic materials and conductive materials. The cost of these materials is relatively high, which directly affects the cost of BLDC motors.

Complex manufacturing process: The manufacturing process of BLDC motors is more complex than that of traditional brushed motors. It requires precise processing and assembly, involving more process steps and equipment. These additional manufacturing costs will also increase the cost of BLDC motors.

Control circuit design: BLDC motors need to be equipped with electronic controllers to achieve drive and control. The design and manufacturing of these control circuits also require a certain cost investment, thereby increasing the overall cost of the BLDC motors.

Market demand and brand premium: BLDC motors are usually used in high-demand fields, such as automobiles, industrial equipment, etc. These fields have higher requirements for product quality and performance, so suppliers invest more in product quality and technology, resulting in higher prices. In addition, some well-known brands also price their products at a premium.

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