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Working principle and use of planetary reduction gearbox


Planetary reduction box (or planetary gearbox) is a common transmission device. Its working principle is a large gear with a small gear or a small gear with a large gear. The planetary reduction gearbox is composed of a sun gear, a planet gear and an internal ring gear. The sun gear is the input shaft, the internal ring gear is the output shaft, and the planet gear is connected to the sun gear and the internal ring gear through a planet carrier suspended around it.

The uses of planetary reduction gearbox (or planetary gearbox) are:

Transmission function: The planetary reduction gearbox realizes the transmission function through a combination of gears of different sizes, thereby converting the input shaft speed to a higher or lower output speed.

Change the driving direction: Through the planetary gear mechanism, the planetary reduction gearbox can change the transmission direction, causing the rotation direction between the input shaft and the output shaft to change.

Adjusting torque: According to different gear ratios, the planetary reduction gearbox can adjust the torque at the output end to meet different working environments and load requirements.

Distributing power: The planetary reduction gearbox can drive multiple slave shafts through the main shaft, thereby realizing the function of one engine driving multiple loads and improving overall work efficiency.

Clutch function: By controlling the meshing state of the internal gears of the planetary reduction box, the clutch function can be realized, such as brake clutch and other application scenarios.

In general, planetary reduction gearboxes are widely used in automotive drives, industrial automation, smart equipment, automotive drives, personal care tools, power tools and other fields. Through its flexible speed change function, steering adjustment, torque adjustment and other features, the planetary reduction gearbox can effectively improve the performance and efficiency of the equipment and meet different work needs.

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